Make Do. Mend. Fly.

                                          An independent romantic comedy set in Newcastle.

Briefs & Encounters  is a woman's journey through love, friendship, betrayal and reinvention. Against the odds of divorce, bad dates and the credit crunch, Suzy turns her fashion start-up around. Set in the Northern landscape that forms her - strong, passionate and wild - Suzy's journey will have you in stitches!


Having found out that her husband is a philandering cheat and her life is in shreds, Suzy needs friends and family around her. What she doesn’t need is recently arrived old flame Dan courting her again – at least that’s what BFF Donna thinks.

Stuck between glamorous and domineering 60s sci-fi star mum Marie, new internet fling and former model Guy and a fashion business that never quite delivers, Suzy knows it’s gonna take more than just wings to fly.

Just as Suzy gets her dream fashion show together, a surprise explosion threatens to ruin her plans again, but it takes her friends – and old flame Dan - to show her that what she saw as a series of disasters the world sees as inspirational - and life is more than just hashing tags.